Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydra BPM An EHR or EMR?

No.  Hydra BPM is a cloud software to complement EHR's and similar software.  Our web software adjusts in size if you minimize the window allowing it to be used easily in a split screen view.  Dual monitor workspaces can easily view Hydra BPM on the second screen.

What is Decision-Making Software?

Decision-making software is a decision analysis tool that allows the user to clarify and express the situation, analyze the alternatives and represent the information in a way that provides insight for all those involved. It is a subgroup of decision-support systems.

Why Do You Say It's Unbreakable?

Our methodology doesn't rely on the tasks themselves to prioritize.  As tasks or order of tasks change during process or policy updates, our approach re-prioritizes patients based on the impact to the stakeholders, not the specific changes.  Leaving our algorithms unbroken, or not requiring configuration changes.


Will Hydra BPM Help My Company?

Our decision-making models best support the post-acute care segment because of how the referral-authorization/certification-scheduling loop works for these patients.  Using Hydra BPM, can be valuable to both referring and treating providers in post-acute care.


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