Not Using Software to Track Your Patients? 



Better Patient Management

Start More Referrals.  Keep More Patients.

Single Click Workflow Optimization

We simplified how you plan for your next patient action.  No more clicking through tabs to review notes.  No more running reports to identify priority patients.  Hydra BPM requires only a single click to prioritize patients with precision.


Patient Updates For Your Provider Network

Stop wasting time asking for patient status updates between referring and treating providers.  Access updates and actions in the patient workflow on the referral and patient dashboard.

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Are You Interested In Claims Processing Optimization? 
Eligible Claims Qualify For Our Instant Pay Feature.


Decisive Action In Patient Management

Imagine, without thought, knowing which patient to act on because you've accounted for all necessary attributes and how the care team affects the process.  This precision minimizes delays in care and maximizes the number of patients in treatment.



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